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What do we do?  
We are a licensed, insured, non-biased, 3rd party, mold and asbestos sampling and reporting company. We sample various mediums (e.g. air, water, drywall), report on the findings, and provide recommendations or a letter of completion for informational purposes and/or permitting. 

Why would I require

Mold Testing?


A lot of our customers are new home buyers wanting to refine the findings of a home inspection report or in the middle of a home construction project when they encounter mold or a suspected asbestos containing material. Before proceeding, its important that a non-bias 3rd party Identify the circumstances, and help you understand some different options you have to make the situation better as well as what expectations authorities have for how to address the findings. 

Landlord and Tenant disputes Far too frequently disputes arise between tenants and land lords over the presence of mold, who is responsible, and the habitability of the dwelling in question. 

Some homeowners want to ensure that the dwelling they rent or sell is a safe and mold-free environment prior to renting out the space. Some tenants need to produce evidence that a dwelling is unfit to live in order to make a case for change.

Sick at home or in the office. Consider having an individual space sampled when you are experiencing symptoms only in a specific location.

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What do we sample for?


We sample most things for most things. It is best to call and discuss what you're experiencing, and what your needs are. Our friendly consultants are happy to suggest a sampling strategy specific to your needs. Some of the more common things we test for are mold, asbestos, water, lead, methamphetamine, gasses and VOCs, combustion by-product, particles, pesticides, animal dander and more.  


Send In



Do you have materials or samples already and just want the results? Send in your samples and only pay for the samples. The cost will vary depending on the type of analysis, and desired turn around time. 

All of the laboratories contracted for analysis are quality accredited and maintain current required licensing and standards of operation.

Helpful Attorneys
Abatement Contractors
Medical Practitioners

"When it rains it spores"


It was a pleasure to meet and work with William E. McLean, CEO of The Mold And Asbestos Testing Company. He was knowledgeable as well as informative about the asbestos testing process which was important to me. He showed up on time, was efficient and affordable. The results were received the next day! I would definitely hire this company again.

-Laura Bebins



"In December of 2017 I was put into contact with Mr. McLean and The Mold & Asbestos Testing Company after my apartment was covered in mold because of a untreated busted pipe in the wall. I wanted to find out what was growing in my home and if it was making us and my daughter sick. Mr. McLean was extremely professional, he knew the urgency of this situation and he was in my home that same day. He was knowledgeable and patient about the questions I asked as he took his tests. He thoroughly inspected our home and explained to me what he was looking for and how testing is done. I was especially impressed that he called me as soon as he received each testing result and went over everything that I needed to know and explained it in a way that I would understand since I have never in my life dealt with mold. Mr. McLean and The Mold & Asbestos Testing Company has affordable pricing, he is professional and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him if you need to have your home tested for Mold, you can tell he loves his job and takes it seriously with the care and expertise that is needed."

~Amanda E. 

Stone Mountain, Georgia

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