Atlanta Asbestos Testing 

We are a licensed asbestos testing company serving the Greater Atlanta area. Samples can be mailed in for analysis, and our asbestos inspectors are available for small scale sampling projects to building demolition surveys. 

What is involved in asbestos testing?

During a demolition survey or the sampling of a suspect material in a building, an actual piece of the material is removed and collected. The sampling is destructive, and it is not advisable that unprotected persons be in the area during sampling. The samples are collected using sterile methods and placed into individually marked containers. The samples are then shipped to an accredited laboratory where they are analyzed for asbestos content. 

How long does it take to get asbestos test results?

The standard turn around time for the sample analysis is within 48 hours of receipt of the samples. The samples can be analyzed in less time with sufficient notice. The price will vary according the requested turn around time.. 

How much does it cost to get an asbestos test?

The standard 48 Hour turn around cost is $20 per analysis. Additional cost may apply should a visit to the sampling location be required. Please call the office for details. 

Asbestos testing reviews

It was a pleasure to meet and work with William E. McLean, CEO of The Mold And Asbestos Testing Company. He was knowledgeable as well as informative about the asbestos testing process which was important to me. He showed up on time, was efficient and affordable. The results were received the next day! I would definitely hire this company again. -Laura Bebins   Decatur, Ga